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Since 2018, Euro System Nesay Maritime Logistics has been worked on BSC, ECTN, BESC, BSC, BIETC, CNCA and ENS certificates (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) which are obliged in 25 African countries. ECTN certificate must be taken in Libya according to the new regulations published in January 2021. Please make sure to get your ECTN certificate before the arrival of your export goods to Libya.

What is Electronic Cargo Tracking Note? It has a similar algorithm to an invoice taken from a posting company. It maintains to track the physical location, content and financial details of the traded goods. Mainly, the bill of lading (B/L), customs declaration, commercial invoice and freight invoice are submitted to the importer country. Some countries request more documents as you may see from the relevant sub-pages.

We submit these requested documents to the related customs or port authority in the importer African country in an electronic platform, and we provide to pay the requested fees. The customs/port authority inspect the submitted documents and they may request corrections or they may directly approve the documents. After ending this process, the certificate with a BSC/CTN number regarding the submitted B/L number will be ready as a pdf document, and we present the validated certificate to your side.

The certificates BSC, ECTN, BESC, BSC, BIETC, CNCA and ENS are all prepared for the same purpose. Even though they all have different names, they have the same purpose. For example, CTN consists of the capital letters of “Cargo Tracking Note” in English. The name, format and the related authority of the certificates vary country by country.

The key point is to finish the application process for BSC/CTN certificates before landing of the goods to the importer port. Otherwise, there may be an administrative penalty fee.

Euro System Nesay Maritime Logistics will be your favorite partner in African certificates with our instantaneous support, price advantage and easy process.

ECTN/ENS/FERI/BIETC/BESC/CNCA/CTN certificates are must documents for each bill of lading. It does not matter either the loading is parcial or full (LCL or FCL). The process period is three days in average. That is enough to send us the documents as pdf via our e-mail addresses. There is no extra process and extra fees such as filling the form, payment for the forms etc !

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