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Algeria Quality Control and Conformity Certificate

According the decision taken by Algerian government, Algeria requests Quality Control Certificate for each product that are exported into Algeria. The decision taken by Algerian government was enacted and stipulated with the number of 16/DGC/2009 in 16.02.2009.

Nesay Maritime and Logistics got the permission to regulate Certificate Of Quality Control for Algeria.

Quality Control & Conformity Certificate is explained below:

1. Exporter company prepares the necessary conformity.
2. The list of export goods
3. Brief information about exporter and importer companies
4. Invoice (original or proform)
5. Proform Invoice
In aggrement phase, exporter should submit the offer including the export good, its unit price, properties and sale conditions. The proform invoice is the document which shows this information as an offer.

Original Invoice
-That is the invoice document submitted after saling.
-That is the document which proves the saling process
-In import and export, original invoice is required to complete the customs clearance and tax calculation.
-Original invoice is sent to the importer through the bank by exporter.
6. Necessary documents for accreditation
7. Pre-meeting that shows the loading place and time

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